Custom Orders

We complete custom orders on any and all of the work you see in our website. Custom is usually a request for specific sizes, framing, colors, subjects, etc - within the boundries of what we are physically capable of doing or creatively willing to do. Please review the following regarding custom requests if you are considering one.

  • We don't do any custom work with a sales price below $500
  • Custom work is priced at the same price as all other work we do or adjusted accordingly if it is unique.
  • We typically complete any/all custom requests within 30 days of the order.
  • Delivery/shipping can be included at a reasonable cost
  • You will receive a digital image of your completed work through email before final payment/delivery to confirm we met your expectations.
  • Payment is due before delivery, deposits are requested depending on the individual request and total costs.
  • Communicating through email or phone is fine, we will need your email information to send you an image of the finished work.
  • Most commissions are requests for something someone has seen in a previous painting but wants it done in a different size/orientation.
  • The most common request with prairie grass is custom colors. We are willing to make Prairie Grass pieces with your color requests with the following requirements.
    • we reserve the right as artists to not make something that we think is really ugly that will have our name on it.
  • The second request is custom sizes.
    • The Prairie Grass art fills the entire frame of the art piece, equal to the size of the glass or the outside size of the mat. The mat has a 3 inch overlay that hides the wooden structure that holds the art all together. Our standard large piece which most of you have seen in the booth is 18x60 - which means the glass and the art is this dimension. AND the mat overlay of 3 inches reduces the visable art to 12x54. The frame around all of this adds 3/4 of an inch all around and we generally ignore this unless your sizing is extremely critical.
    • When you order a custom Prairie Grass artwork, we want to know the outside dimension of the glass/mat - AND you need to understand that the mat will cover 3 inches of this all around shrinking the visable art.
    • How big can the art be? We have precut the cattail reeds to two sizes - 18 inch lengths and 30 inch lengths. So no piece can have reeds taller than 30 inches in the artwork - or the outside dimension of the glass/mat is limited to 30 inches. The reeds are lined up and can theoretically go on forever - but not really. Six feet is the maximum length of mat board that most suppliers will provide.
    • Therefore if you want your prairie grass artwork to be 24x58, we will cut reeds 24 inches long, paint them the colors you want, glue them into an interior frame that is 58 inches long, order glass, mat, frame that is 24x58 - and the mat will reveal a section of artwork that is 18x52 inside the frame.
  • Framing, we can get black frames. We can look for other colors but will not gaurantee we will find what you want. We will also sell you unframed art if that meets your needs.